Frequently asked questions

Do you do half hours or a quick fix?

Unfortunately not, we charge a flat rate of R490 per hour ex materials. We always encourage our clients to draw up a list of all the tasks that needs to be completed before our arrival.

Do I need to supply materials?

Our team is happy to purchase specific materials at local hardware stores on your behalf, we will add the cost of materials to the final invoice. Small items such as screws, nails and wallplugs are standard items that come with the R490 per hour service.

Do you charge a call-out fee?

No! Yay, how great is that.

How many handyman should I expect to arrive?

Between 1-2 handymen. We usually come in pairs.

How and when do I pay?

Our team arrives with an easy to use YOCO card machine, if this does not suit you, we accept COD via EFT or cash.

If the handyman needs to go out and purchase materials for me - am I charged for that time?

Yes! Please understand that our team takes the time and petrol cost to go out to local hardware stores to source materials for you- this time is added to the number of hours you have booked.

Do you do plumbing, electrical and fix appliances?

No as these are specific trade skills, we can however offer you a reference.